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I recently acquired the piece in the attached photo. Can anyone help me identify it.....age, name, possible value, etc.Many thanks

Hey can you please help me? A friend gave me this murano glass and i want to know if it's special or is it not really expensive?!!? It's about 24 cm high if you need more information or pictures please tell me!!Greets from germany franziska

I have a chandelier that has been in storage. I need instructions on how it should be put together.thank you

Hi, this eye catching piece is not marked but I believe it to be Murano. Can anybody help Regards Keith


My vanity top mirror has a loose flower that has a nail that goes through it and I do not know how to attach it back on the mirror face. It is a Venetian Glass rosette and it new. I bought the mirror in Venice. Any suggestions?

I just bought a murano glass sculpture and I'm looking for a light box to put it on. When I was in Italy a lot of the shops had these light boxes to shine light up through the sculpture. Do you know where I can get one??

We recently purchased a home with a Murano lamp and have a some questions and were hoping this forum might be the right place for answers. If not, where would you direct us? I attached a couple of pictures. Is it a hanging lamp and if not, what is its correct name? What is its value? Where might...

I need 5 rondelles... the dangle decoration that slides on the arms.. sometimes they are bells or flowers on a ornate glass ring...I have a gold and clear Murano beauty but I am missing some lower leaves and the rodelles... and help would be great!!

I need the glass flower heads only. Can the flowers be separated from the nails?

Hi Again , I ordered my chandelier on line above order number , but i am concerned that it will come multicoloured instead of RED glass only with chrome fittings could you look at this order and change if it is not correct ? Please let me know you have received this message. ;-]

I am interested in your multi-color chandeliers, is there anywhere in the NY/NJ area that I could see one?

Is it possible to have the Fiammingo Multicolour chandelier in red colour only? If so would the price be the same?

We would like to purchase the chalcedony ribbon sculpture. Does it come with a base? Please contact me @ 901-628-4594 or email me @ Also, how much is the deposit and when can it be shipped to us.Thank you,Ivy Mitchell

Do the following two chandeliers seen on your site have matching wall sconces. If so, please send me info. so I can find, review, etc. Are these two white opal in color?Code: 14013/6SEORO murano six light in silkCode: Chandelier opal gold six lights 8524. THX

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