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Could anyone please help me find the following item.It's a green glass Christmas tree around 3-4 inches tall, with white glass snowmen hanging on each branch. My parents bought this in Italy but she dropped it today and is most upset.Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a replacement or som...

Can someone please help me with the value of my cobalt blue bull? I've seen a recent auction on eBay sell for around $1200, but it wasn't exactly the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! I have more pictures I can email.

mgs-ph-T115Head of a girl with a black and orange glass ponytail, black glass base. I see availability – item needs to be produced- how close the picture will the production be? Ive seen a picture of one glass piece look very different than the final result. 1.How does one pay for a piece that needs...

I was in Murano in April and saw a multicolor chandelier like yours but in brushed glass and soft pastel colors. We are interested to buy but we lost the business card of the store and we are trying hard to find that specific model of chandelier. Do you have it? can you help?Thanks!

I am looking to purchase these figurines by Mario Badioli. I would like to know where I can purchase them. Thank you

Looking for the artist who creates Van Gogh's Starry Night clocks. We bought one in 2007 and unfortunately it had an accident. Would like an another if possible. It was a beautiful clock - about 8X8 inches squared with layers of glass to create the picture. Thank you.I remember the shop being on one...

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I have recently purchased a Murano light. It is a cylinder type, attached toa wrought iron tree like structure. There are several pieces of fruit as well as birds and leaves attached. Has anyone ever seen this type of light or know the value?

I Have A Large Chandelier 12 Lights With Mixed Medels. Brass, Copper, Silver, Gold & Bronze Mess. Need A Price If Possible. Thank You

Hi, I am looking for a chandelier called art. 161/L12L , Lampadrio Donatello. I need a price and if you do shipping to Turkey how much would that be. thanks in advance

Has anyone ever heard of Loren Zina Murano glass creations? I would love information.

Hi, (m.g.s. - message lost)

Help! I am looking for some glass pendant lampight shades...I see them in magazines and am mad I didn't buy them in Venice. Does anyone know where I can locate some???? Thanks!

I am selling 2 chandeliers murano glass quite big, they are from 1960, some pieces are brocken but replaceable,

I am looking for a set of Murano fruits.

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