Demands for particular products

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I'm looking for the pelican with a fish in his mouth. I believe the pelican's head is hanging down.

I'm looking for a Murano glass horse that is standing and has some color thru it. Can anyone help? Would appreciate any advice as I'm running out of options for finding it. thanks.

Is this vase Murano? Heavy 8" triangle cased glass vase seen at the link below:

I bought a Murano kiddush set, blue, in 1971. The decanter and small kiddush cups are beautiful. I am looking for more of the small kiddush cups.

I am looking for Murano liquor glasses...they are exquisite small, clear glasses with lids. I believe the lids serve no purpose except to be unusual. Some people also call these glasses grappa glasses. Any help would be appreciated!

I was in Venice in 1984, at the Murano Glass factory, when I purchased 36 Lead Crystal glasses. They look like Waterford, but they're not Waterford. I thought they were Murano Glasses, but I can't find them anywhere. Does Murano make lead crystal glasses, or are they something else?

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