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Hi, I'm Maria Palumbo and I have bought six month ago a fish sculpture from your store for my husband. It has been broken on the base last week. Can it be repaired?I can send you a picture if needed.

Do you offer the curve for mirror in clear color? the picture on your website appears to be gold or gols specks.. I need the curve to be colorless..Thank you

During cleaning the chandelier tilted. This broke the glass bowl-cover...Could you please send me a replacement bowl-cover for this beautiful chandelier?ordernumber chandelier: 191553the code was: msg-7634/6CR.ORO

I need two 6" X 1.25" curves in clearAlso one 2.5" blossomAnd one 2" blossomI have attached photos ....can you please help me? Thank you

I have received the chandelier and it has a broken piece that is the part #19 along with the attachment piece. I would appreciate it if you could send me the replacement piece so that we can have this correctly installed. It is a beautiful piece. Item Code: mgs-352/8CR.POL+CIMDescription: Crystal ch...

We need to get a replacement piece for the section on the attached chandelier tha- left side of picture

Need one replacement part1 5/16" or 33 mm wide by3 5/8" or 9 cm curved length2 holes at 7/8" and 2 ¼" or I can drill holesand 1 package of glass nail headssee photo and please furnish quote

I am looking to repair my antique stlye octagonal Venetian mirror. One of the floral beveled parts came unglued and fell and shattered. I was wondering if you have the capability to manufacture or have available the missing part. Thank you very much.

Today I installed the two wall lights I purchased from you - they are truly beautiful. Unfortunately one of the hanging chains of crystals was broken in the shipment. I am going to try to glue it together with Crazy Glue. The bigger problem is that I broke the bottom cup by over tightening the att...

My vintage Venetian mirror has 8 pieces that screw into the mirror backing, covering the edges of 2 other large pieces. ( they are covered by tape in the photo). It measures 4.0" x 1.25"One of the dbl arrowhead pieces is broken. Where can I get this spare part?

Hello,I just noticed that one of the attached flower parts is missing from my mirror after our recent mirror. Is it possible to buy one or two of these flower parts? Thank you,Kayoko

Hello, I have a vintage venetian murano mirror which I would like to restore. Unfortunately, a piece of the mirror on the lower left hand side was broken off and I do not have the missing piece.If anyone has the glass part that would replace the broken one, I would very much appreciate a price quote...

Hi, I have received your fabulous chandelier (mgs-1204/9AS, amber colour, 9 lights). Unfortunately the trunk was cracked when the worker tried to fix it on the ceiling (please see photo attached). Could you please let me know if this part could be replaced and how much would it cost?Many thanks!...

Hello,I have a beautiful Murano chandelier but have somehow misplaced the little hanging fob on the bottom of the light. It is light pink and green. I see several versions on your lights... mine was round green with pink ruffles around it. Do you have something similar that I can purchase as a ...

Here is the photo.

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