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Hello, I have emailed you twice with no response. My order arrived with a broken piece, which I photographed and sent to you when it arrived. This was on AUGUST 16th. Can you please replace it??Item Code: mgs-8067/6AMADescription: Aquamarine chandelier

I am in the need of a replacment finial for what I believe to be a Murano chandelier. I tried to take as good of a picture as I could. I broke it pretty good. Thanks for you help!Brandon

We purchased this light in Murano 30years ago & have broken 2 leaves & all 5 flowers. Can they be replaced?Many thanks

I purchased a silk color with what appears to be 24k gold. It is very similiar to the 14012 Series. It has many more arms, one of the decorative leaves is broken and I want a repair on it and I will need to purchase a flower globe to match exactly.pictured below I need repair or mend on the leave(pi...

order 191797-invoice 196- du 27/11/20123-au deballage la piece rouge central du lustre etait cassee.

HelloI have a venetian lamp from around 1890. Unfortunately with some broken parts. The most important for me is to find two new 'candles' (pictures). The height is 123 mm, the diameter at the bottom is 22 mm and the diameter at the top 20 mm.I'll also be intrested in two new 'chains' and one little...

I have two Murano glass mirrors in my home in Istanbul Turkey. They are both missing glass flowers, leaves and glass nails.Can the spare parts be mailed to Turkey and do you know of an artisan in Istanbul who can repair the mirrors with the spare parts? Thank you

Dear Staff,I purchased this wonderful old mirror in poor condition, it measures approx 97cm by 79cm. The larger flower is 7mc the smaller one 5cm also some of the scrolls are missing, I have highlighted the damage. I realize all these parts would have to be made could you please give me an estimate....

Hi,Can I buy the replacement part of Murano Chandelier? The leaf-shape arm was broken. It has a gold color accent.The size is almost 19 cm length and 12 cm wide.Please let me know through my email the cost and detailed info.Thank you so much,Michelle

Anyone know how to get an old Murano lamp base repaired?

I just purchased a Venetian Mirror for my new home. It was damaged in the move. Where can I get replacement pieces--If I send a picture of the missing and broken parts, can you help me find the items needed?Regards, Charlet

I need a piece for repair to my venetian mirror. I can e-mail a picture for your review, but cannot upload from here. Please give me the email address to send the pictures. Thanks, Vicci Hiller

I purchased a multi-color modern Murano chandelier in Murano in the 1990s. It is an 8-light that looks like the style you call "flamingo." Colors are cobalt blue, red, turquoise, amber and clear. I no longer can find the paperwork so I do not have the name of the shop that made it to our specific...

i believe I have 2 Murano glass mirrors. Each are in need of repair. I saw that you sell replacement parts but could you recommend someone to perform the work? I live in the U.S. in Texas. Any advice would be appreciated.I am not able to upload the pictures

Hi,Attached are pictures of parts that are missing from a chandelier.I want to know if I can order it?

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