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Hello,I need to replace leaves for a mirror that was badly damaged moving from Europe to USA. The leaves are clear and measure almost 7.5 cm (2.75 inches.) I will need 6 or 7 of them.Kindest regards,Baer

HiI have three pieces of glass twist/rope missing from a mirror that I recently purchased. I wondered if you have any in stock? They measure 2x27cm and 1x34cm, they are slightly milky in colourMany thanks

HelloHave you a replacment mirror for my tray?Best regards Jessica

I have lost some crystal ornaments and their screws with crystal head from a venetian mirror. Can you help me please to find some of these crystal stars? I need 6 pieces of 6cm each.I can also send you an email with the photos.Thank you very much

I have lost some screws with crystal head from my venetian mirror (photo attached). These screws keep the decorative crystals attached on the mirror and they have a crystal star screwed on the hrad of the screw . I have the screws but the crystal stars have been unscrewed and missed.Can you help me...

I purchased a beautiful coffee set from you in October of 2008.Recently, I broke one of the saucers for the cups. Can this be replaced, and if so, for how much?Thank you - Tina Cranor

Hi I have a beautiful Murano glass chandelier that I was replacing crystals on and when I was almost finished I dropped a tool and broke a blue cup on the chandelier body that holds about 10 spear shaped crystals. Do you have any idea what I can do to either fix this or replace this piece ?Thanks m...

Hi, My beautiful Venetian and Murano glass mirror was damaged when it was taken down from the wall during painting. A couple of the glass rods fell to the floor and shattered. I am so sick about this, can you help me with some replacement rods ? Thank you much.Betsy

Hello, can you offer a similar part as in attached photo? Cup diameter is 11.5 mm and height of cup is 15 mm.Best regardsSven Sjölinder

I need one glass flower that is 58 mm in diameter for my mirror. Thank you for your help.

Hello! I have a antique 1900's Venetian glass tray with attached glass handles. The handles were attached with 4 screws that were decorated with very small (6mm-7mm glass rosettes) which have broken off over time, leaving just the metal screw head showing. Do you have or know where I can purchase...

I need a replacement flower or rosette for my mirror. The flower in your inventory appears to have some gold decorations. Is it possible to get the flower in glass only with no gold?

I am looking for a replacement rosette for my mirror (style - 0450).I live in Beverly Hills, California.I love this mirror very much and wish to have the missing part replaced. Grazie Mille!

le mando las fotos de las 2 piezas que se me rompieron y la foto de la lampara. por favor aviseme cuanto cuesta las piezas rotas gracias

Hi. During my relocation, two parts were broken to my fiammingo style chandelier. One was the green shade around one of the bulbs. The other was the bottom piece right above the knob. Hopefully, my picture was attached. Please rplay and help when you can. Thanks in advance.

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