Murano Portobello

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HelloI have a Murano Lamp wich is nearly new, and I want to sell it because we don't need it anymore, but I don't know the price or modell, can someone tell me how much I can get for it?It is very havy and the size is:58cm x 28cm and the chain is arround 75cmthx for your feedbackgreez anouk

I have 14 Murano wine glasses and 14 matching sherry size glasses, bought by my parents in Venice in 1958. I think they bought a full set of twelve of each, then thought they should have a spare of each - but that makes 13 - so they bought an extra spare of each! All of the glasses are in perfect co...

Hello,I have recently inherited a lovely glass lantern which from internet research I believe could be 1940's Murano. Would you be able to advise how I may be able to get this verified?There are several imperfections in the glass - bubbles, etc.Many thanks,Naomi

Sir or Madam,This is a 50 year old Murano glass chandelier that is in like new condition.Please help me price it accordingly. Thank you

I have this Blue and Gold Murano Candlelabra from Arti Italica. I am taking offers. Would love to sell in the Washington State area. It is a beauty.[URL=][IMG]

I am the owner of a Murano Chandelier which I wish to sell, and whose acquisition might be of interest to you. It takes its name "barcarolle" from it's oval shape.It is dated 1875 and is in perfect condition.Its uniqueness is that it has no central shaft over its entire height , which gives it this ...

I have this duck and has a crest on it, and was told its possibly an artistic trait. Does anyone have any info on this? or the artist? Every duck I researched, does not look like this.

Dear All,A big,beautyful "echtes böhmisches kristall luster" is for sale with 12 arms.Pictures upon request.Regards,Karoly

I am the owner of an antique Venetian chandelier (Murano) from 1770 (currently situated at my home in Vienna, Austria). I would like to sell it. Please find details below if you are interested in an acquisition / auction: The chandelier is a unique antique Venetian Murano clear glass piece from ca. ...

Post your images and sell your murano glass pieces!!

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