FOR SALE: Antique Venetian chandelier (Murano) from 1770


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Author Message
Walter Hildebrand
15/06/2009 15:13:48
I am the owner of an antique Venetian chandelier (Murano) from 1770 (currently situated at my home in Vienna, Austria). I would like to sell it. Please find details below if you are interested in an acquisition / auction:

The chandelier is a unique antique Venetian Murano clear glass piece from ca. 1770. The chandelier is exceptionally big in size and very rare to get. It is made up of elaborately detailed Murano glass in floral and leaf designs with rings on arms.

Having 12 electrified glass scrolled branches. Measuring 205 height X 165 cm width (80.7 inch height x 65 inch width), this chandelier will light up any large sized room.

The chandelier is made entirely of rare hand-blown Murano glass, with lovely floral accents. Having soft colours that flow together beautifully, which make this piece suited for any decor. Excellent overall condition.

The Murano glass is known worldwide for its beauty: each chandelier is handcrafted, and is the result of centuries of tradition, the ancient techniques of the man and the passion of true artists. Serious inquiries are welcome.

Independent valuation / appraisal letter: Chandelier valued at 55.000 Euros (selling 45k)
The chandelier was restored in 1996.
Dimensions: 205 cm height X 165 cm width
80.7 inch height x 65 inch width
It has been re-wired and is ready to be hung.

For serious enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me via email (